Samurai Champloo #6 Stranger Searching

Samurai Champloo 06Samurai Champloo 06 Eating Competition of DeathSamurai Champloo Funny Faces Collection #4

And here is episode 6 of Samurai Champloo. Our three protagonists enter an eating contest, hoping to win money while filling their stomachs. Along the way, they run into a mysterious man who speaks with a strange accent. As a warning, some of my explanations below include some very slight spoilers as to the identity of this stranger. Well, that’s if the episode subtitle didn’t give you too much of a clue. Feel free to jump down to the last paragraph and download links.

Anyway, there are a few things to point out with the subs here. First, I started using a different font (Viner Hand ITC) for most of the signs. I might change this in previous episodes, but I won’t release a v2 just to change the sign fonts. There’s also one sign (that appears multiple times) that I use the font Playbill for. Second, there’s multiple instances of translated signs during the transitions where the video flashes back-and-forth. It was a bit of a pain, especially when the scene included motion, but I went ahead and used multiple instances of the same lines to have my subs sync with the transitions. Third, there’s a bit of Dutch dialogue in this episode. Both audios use the same dubbing for these parts, and Japanese subtitles are hardsubbed onto the video. I went ahead and included translations for all subtitle tracks. The styled full track and Karaoke songs/signs track use Tempus Sans ITC as the font. The unstyled full track and non-Karaoke songs/signs track use the same Vani font I use for the unstyled subs.

Incidentally, it’s getting to the point where I might end up accidentally including fonts with episodes where they aren’t used. If I do so, I’m not going to issue a v2 just to fix it. Hopefully I don’t end up doing the opposite and forgetting a font that is used. I almost did that with this episode before cancelling the upload and quickly making a new version.

As a quick reminder, this will be the last episode I do for a while. I have a new release for my other site coming up soon. Then I’ll be getting the Tiger & Bunny movie Blu-ray in next week, and I’ll be busy doing that. I don’t know how long that’ll take, so I don’t know when I’ll continue Samurai Champloo.

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